Monday, 31 January 2011

Trouble ahead...

Well, no rantings about the reforms to the NHS here at the moment, being a passive observer from the other side of the border, but an article in the Daily Wail which was pointed out to me by Dr. Grumpy from the US really has me running scared!!!

The World Is About To Run Out Of Chocolate !!!


..........oh, hang on, its a scare story in the DM innit? Or is it?

I can commend Dr. Grumpy for the regular daily output of whimsical patient tales and education on interesting facts that get stuck in one's head in place of the dosages for starting gabapentin or the kids' dental appointment times.

Note to self. Learn how to use this Blog thing so I have links in the R hand border. I mean I have 2 followers now!


  1. I love Dr Grumpy and used to love the DM - until I grew up! If the world ran out of chocolate I don't think I'd realise - Greggs sausage rolls, well, that would be a totally differenct matter!

    The blog things really good, innit? I am still learning.

    Really pleased you took to the blogways!

    Anna :o]

  2. I love the wit and humor of every Dr. Grumpy's post. But really, the world is about to run out of chocolate?! Gonna buy some more for stocks. haha.

    Peny@lab coats