Thursday, 27 January 2011


Arrrgh! If I see one more article on Yahoo News proclaiming the health benefits of lowering one's cholesterol I think I shall explode!!

Life-saving tests everyone should have
High cholesterol is a leading direct cause of heart disease and related fatalities in the UK.
It can be caused by genetic predisposition, poor diet and exercise, obesity or a number of other factors.
The good news is you can get tested every few years to keep track of your levels and take steps to treat them if they get dangerously high.
By paying attention to your cholesterol, you could well prevent a heart attack or stroke.

How much money will be wasted I ask myself, from the cumulitive effect of this article and the misleading ads for wonfder-cereals that claim "1 in 2 people have high cholesterol". How many unessecary blood tests, patients' time, phlebotomists' time, nurses' time and GP's time will it cause to be wasted and at what cost?

Nurse, pass the valium please... oh and some statins.

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